Want to hack on video editing?

So as I mentioned in a preceding blog entry, we at Collabora Multimedia are looking at increasing the pace of development for Pitivi. The first step we took in that regard was hiring Brandon Lewis. We are now ready to take the second step and are now looking for good candidates to join our team. So if some of the bullets points below fits your profile and you would be interested in taking open source video editing to the next level, please send me your CV.

  • Solid C or C++ development skills
  • GStreamer experience
  • Video editing experience
  • Python development experience
  • Video codec development experience

We are not expecting someone to have all of these points down, and we are looking just as much for people who got any kind of experience with non-linear video editors as people with specific GStreamer skills. So for instance if you worked on any of the many open source video editing projects out there you could be our perfect candidate, even if this editor was not using GStreamer. As long as you are a generally proficient developer, it is more important for us that you know what chroma keying is than what a GstSegment is.

So if you are interested in joining one of the coolest companies in the world and especially if you wouldn’t mind coming to work in one of our offices in either Montreal Canada, Cambridge United Kingdom or Barcelona Spain, please send me your CV and short intro at christian-schaller-at-collabora-co-uk.

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  1. I had some beers with Edward, do i count as a good candidate for this job? :P

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