Google Summer of Code mentor summit

I am currently at the Google Summer of Code mentors summit together with representatives for a many of the open source projects involved in the Google Summer of code. Had some interesting discussions so far, for instance we had a informal gathering of multimedia developers yesterday which reviewed the bugzilla entry for automatic support for interlaced media in GStreamer. Thanks to having a lot of people present like David Schleef, Mike Smith, Edward Hervey, Timothy Terriberry allowed us to map out all important interlacing variations and review the design proposal done by Jan Schmidt.

With the new deinterlace2 plugin fixed up by Sebastian Dröge it will be nice to be able to autoplug that plugin into our pipelines when we get this design completely implemented.

Another nice think discovered here is the Gerrit code review tool which they released alongside Android. It intergrates closely with Git and thus would be something that would be very nice to get running on freedesktop alongside the GStreamer CVS to Git migration.

2 thoughts on “Google Summer of Code mentor summit

  1. Is Gerrit free software? I couldn’t find anything about it.

    (I would also assume that it runs on top of Google infrastructure, as Reitveld does.)

  2. Andy:

    Gerrit is free, but we haven’t announced it as a separate project to Android yet. I think the blog post on the Google Open Source Blog is due to go live tomorrow.

    It does run on appengine, since it’s a fork of Reitveld. It also requires at least one server behind it to handle the git merges.


    Glad you liked the presentation! If you wind up with questions about Gerrit, find us on

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