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For those who might have missed it George Wright of the BBC blogged on Thursday about the Totem BBC plugin we are doing with them and Canonical and which I blogged about earlier. As George pointed out this plugin is not the iPlayer in terms of content, but I still hope a lot of you will end up using it. The more popular it is the more mindshare it will have, including within the BBC, and thus easier it will be to get further content added.

The content distribution system is also fully open sourced, so it should be possible for any broadcaster who is interested to use it for their content.

For those of you who wants to test this plugin, who are not using Ubuntu’s test packages, the patch for Totem is available in this bugzilla entry. As the totem progress and we work towards merging the latest versions will be posted to there.

Pitivi video editor

For those of you interested in the latest news on Pitivi I recomend you track Brandon’s blog. He posted yesterday a big update on his latest work to drill the Pitivi UI into shap. Keywords for this entry is cleander default layout, detachable components and a property editor.

7 thoughts on “BBC Totem plugin

  1. I saw that plugin yesterday for the first time when I installed Intrepid and thought “Ohhh, that’s neat and useful”

    Well done on it.

  2. Can you please inform the BBC that what they should do before writing platform-specific software is release the programming using open standards/formats such as HTTP/HTML/MPEG so that there is no discrimination among TV-license payers? It would be much appreciated, thanks.

  3. Hm… apparently there’s not much content available right now – only an “Ogg Vorbis Test”.

    Seeing the many comments on the BBC blog about using existing standards, I’d be interested about the standards that are actually in use? When looking at the network packets, the whole system seems to consist just of HTTP, XML, and Ogg – pretty much “existing open standards” I’d say? Or was this just “switched” now to satisfy the naysayers? Or if not, why don’t you highlight the openness behind the plugin much more?

    Anyway, at least from a users point of view, it’s really nice to see the content so smoothly available out of the box.

  4. Hm… There seems to be some content available today, but it’s only radio and only those shows seem to be included that are also available as podcasts. So, I found it a bit disappointing, although the plug-in actually is pretty neat. Maybe it helps to check back later.

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  6. I think the plugin should be made available as a standalone package, so that users of later versions of Ubuntu can use it. There should be room for flexibility, in installing it, or, in enabling it.

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