I can’t believe I won

As most I have participated in a lot of competitions and lotteries over the years. Only time I previously won something was when I got a digital calculator wristwatch from the Disney Book Club when I was 12 years old.
Well this time I actually won something I think is rather cool. Thanks to a competition hosted by the cool people at Bit Tech in collaboration with Ubisoft I just won this cool PS3:

My new PS3

My new PS3

The conspiracy theorists among you might think I only won this because I work with Wim Taymans and this is a way for Ubisoft to show their gratitude for Puffys Saga, the game Wim wrote which essentially secured Ubisofts success :)

But no that is not the case, this was pure luck. Only thing that suprised me though is that after spending so much time and money on making this price they didn’t bother throwing in a copy of the actual Farcry 2 game, but I guess that is where they hope to recoup their cost :)

Update: Seems I was a bit quick about the game. Got a package from Ubisoft in the post with not only Farcry2, but 3 other Ubisoft PS3 games too. Thanks! :)

7 thoughts on “I can’t believe I won

  1. OMG! This is so ugly :) I hope you can remove this mod and use a regular PS3 case :)

  2. Congratulations! Looks like Francois owns a regular PS3 case, and is trying to trick you into a trade… :p

  3. No way Mats, I don’t even have a PS3 ;) I just can’t imagine this mod in my living room! My gf is already mad each time I talk about the PS3, so if I bring this one back home one day, I guess I will sleep on the couch for ever ;)

    But it’s great if you like it Christian!

  4. Actually I do think its pretty spacious myself :) The actual PS3 is detachable from the base though so one can put the base away and just have the normal sized PS3 out.

    Not sure what I will do with it, currently contemplating things ranging from keeping it, giving it away as a Christmas present and putting it on ebay.

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