Welcoming Jorn Baayen

We are happy to announce the latest team member joining us here at Collabora Multimedia. Jorn Baayen, well known for his work on projects such as Rhythmbox, Muine and most recently GUPnP. Jorn will be working on a range of things for us, but first and foremost he will be our UPnP and DLNA expert. We figured that getting Jorn on board with be a great way to make sure that the world still had access to a company offering consulting services around GUPnP after Opened Hand got bought by Intel.

So welcome aboard Jorn, we are very happy to have you on our team!

5 thoughts on “Welcoming Jorn Baayen

  1. Congrats to the both Collabora Multimedia and Jorn, GUPnP is a great framework and it’s good to see it’ll still be supported!

  2. Excellent news! As the downstream maintainer of gupnp in Fedora I’m looking forward to getting some support for this in various packages. Very cool indeed :-)

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