MXF support in GStreamer

Sebastian Dröge is finishing up a major piece of work these days in terms of adding support for the MXF container format in GStreamer and Pitivi.
This is a complex format and we found that there is not a lot of easily findable sample content out there on the interweb. So we request that those of you out there with applications which can generate MXF files, like Avid and Final Cut Pro, please provide us with short samples along with a description of which codecs are inside and which application generated the file. Attach any such files you are able to generate to reports in GStreamer bugzilla.

5 thoughts on “MXF support in GStreamer

  1. @Odin:
    Takker for tipset :) I just email Burkhard asking him about those files and hopefully he is willing to share them.

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