GStreamer Google Summer of Code

So GStreamer is also this year part of the Google Summer of Code. This means all multimedia interested students should start thinking of a cool project they can do for or with GStreamer. For example if you are interested in learning more about multimedia formats I suggest writing a GStreamer muxer or demuxer for a missing container format (although the list of truly interesting container formats we do not have good support for is getting rather short). Or if you are more interested in networking protocols maybe you could do a project on writing and implementing an RFC for how to do Dirac over RTP? Or if your interest is mostly in the application layer you could write or enhance an existing GStreamer application or development tool. We got a webpage with some information about what you should consider when applying for a GStreamer summer of code project which includes a list of GStreamer SoC ideas, but be aware that these are just that, ideas, most of them are not fully developed project ideas, so be prepared to bring your own vision and ideas to the table to take them to the finish line :)

Students can start to apply on the 23rd of March, hope to see your applications!