ASF muxing support in GStreamer

We have seen some great progress so far on the GStreamer Google summer of code projects. The project I have been following the most closely as it has a direct impact on Transmageddon is Thiago Sousa Santos asfmuxing and Windows media RTP streaming project. It just hit a major milestone in the sense that Thiago commited the code he has been working on into gst-plugins-bad. The muxer works really well with Windows Media Audio and Video 1,2 and 3 (including VC1) supported and mp3 audio supported. I already added ASF support to Transmageddon based upon it and while we still have a few issues to sort out to enable remuxing support it is a really nice step forward for the GStreamer project. A big thanks to Thiago for his work so far.
Screenshot of ASF creation with Transmageddon


#1 rbultje on 07.28.09 at 13:36

Why are you doing Windows Media RTP? FFmpeg already implements it. Simply use that. Avoid this madness in code duplication.

#2 uraeus on 07.28.09 at 14:15

@rbultje: with a full RTP framework in place in GStreamer for a long while adding a RTP payloader for Windows Media was a small task. Also there are many people these days shipping GStreamer not using ffmpeg and thus ffmpeg based solutions are not really helpfull.

#3 Tobias on 07.28.09 at 21:06

Hot hot hot, cool new stuff.
A thing that I’d like to see in Transmageddon is to directly convert ISO images from video CDs to “real” video file formats. I know that will be a little bit tricky but I hope you can fine a nice solution for that.