Dollhouse is brilliant

Last weekend I visited Jan and Jaime in Dublin. We had a great time while I was there and they managed to get me hooked on Joss Whedons latest creation, Dollhouse, staring Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett.

I guess like a lot of people involved in computing I been thinking about the possibility of interfacing with the brain as a computer for some time, mostly in the terms of transferring oneself from the body into a computer and thus achieving virtual immortality. For some reason my thoughts have mostly been about the practical issues of interfacing with a computer (the brain) that was never meant to be interfaced with.

Joss Whedon though with Dollhouse has taken a step back and are instead looking at the social and psychological impact such an option would have. Of course wrapped in an entertainment wrapping, but profoundly interesting non the less. I recommend that if you haven’t seen it you should, the first season is already out on Blu-Ray. Joss should start making series for HBO instead though, think the freedom that would give him would enable him to take his series to the next level.

It also has to be mentioned that Jonatha Brooke has written a brilliant theme song with What You Don’t Know, I even ended up buying it from iTunes.

8 thoughts on “Dollhouse is brilliant

  1. I like Dollhouse a lot too. Unfortunately there’s very few of us, the show is very close to being canceled. A lot of people can’t go beyond the “It’s prostitution!” factor.

  2. I followed the whole fisrt season with enthusiasm, and I’ve watched the first two chapters… and I’m sorry, as much of a Joss Whedon fan that I am, it’s just plain boring!

    The first half of the first season was pretty pointless, and just when it got interesting, bam, season finale. Now the first chapters are looking as boring and pointless as the first season overall.

    I mean… he can do better!

  3. I agree with Alberto, the series got a bit boring after a while and has some kind of low budget feel to it. The series took the place of Sarah Connor Chronicles, which is so wrong. Oh well, maybe I should check the 2nd season anyway. It seems that Summer Glau will join the cast.

  4. @Matti: Yes, Summer Glau is joining the cast, starting with episode 5. Here’s a first pic:

    Oh, and DH did not take the place of TSCC. TSCC was canceled because it was too expensive for the ratings it had. A pure business decision and completely separate from the decision to keep Dollhouse. I’m a fan of TSCC too, but you know how it is, ‘money makes the world go round’.

  5. I’ve really been enjoying it. You should rent the first season DVD set and watch the original pilot episode. Joss originally planned a very different direction for the show…

  6. Seriously, could someone please write a blog entry about something open-source related? I’m sick of reading about this ridiculous TV show every time I visit Not everybody is a sci-fi nerd.

  7. @Ian: I like how it’s done now.

    1 Engagement per episode, not a lot of them comprehended in one.

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