Computer missery

So after my old laptop starting having hickups a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time for me to get with the
times and get myself a new machine. Due to heavy peer pressure at the office I ended up choosing a Lenovo Thinkpad x200s. The machine arrived and I was kind of excited to have such a nice, small and nimble system. And having gotten a Norwegian keyboard for it I could finally write œ,ø and å with ease again. Unfortunately as it turned out the suspend and resume functionality of the machine wasn’t quite at the level I expected, or rather it tended to suspend much better than it was able to resume, which kinda sucked. And considering it was not a especially cheap machine I felt it was rather unacceptable. So after switching back and forth between misc linux distributions and Vista, and doing a couple of bios upgrades, I decided it was time to send the machine back to Lenovo as I assumed it had to be some kind of hardware issue.

In the meantime it was back to my old Asus. Which would have been fine apart from two things. First of all the 3rd party Maplin power supply I got when the official Asus one broke has a built in fan, often making a sound so loud that a helicopter could use it as sound cover. But an even bigger irritation is that it seems the plug is a bit faulty so I know end up having to press the plug continually with my finger to have it give me laptop power, which as one might guess is somewhat of a hindrance when using the machine.

So now I am left in a situation where I spend my day cursing Asus, Maplin and Lenovo in turn for the misery I am in, at least until my new machine hopefully will be returned in working order sometime next week.

My laptop misbehaving would not be such an issue normally during the weekend, but this weekend I need to do some correspondence on it, as I am trying to sort out getting a new housemate after Ian sadly, but understandably, decided after 3 Months of commuting to London that it was an soul consuming situation for him and that combining living in Cambridge with working in London wasn’t something that he could continue doing.

6 thoughts on “Computer missery

  1. Is it the silver multi voltage one adaptor? I have one and it is very poor, the fan is noisy yet it still gets very hot, and it causes a lot of interference with speakers and TVs.

  2. I have the NS488GE x200s Thinkpad since Monday. It suspends in 3 seconds and wakes up in 1.5 seconds. I am using Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze.

  3. Do you attach the laptop to a dock at work? With my x60, if I have the laptop attached to the dock, then suspending at any point after that (attached or not to the dock) the machine will not resume. I’ve given up using the dock, now suspend and resume work.

  4. It seems Paris Hilton has X200s too. Not sure what she was trying to say about suspend and resume operation on hers, though :)

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