Urgent bugfix release of Transmageddon

Seems I did a very classic mistake with the new Transmageddon release I did this weekend. I was about to release, but at the last minute I decided to add MPEG PS support as it was ‘only a few lines of code’. As it turns out those few lines where enough to break the profile support and thus things like the iPod profile ended up broken.

So a new 0.13 release is now available fixing the profiles again. And to show the world I haven’t learned the lesson I also added drag and drop support in this version. So you can drag and drop a file from Nautilus onto Transmageddon and it will be put into the filechooser for you. This feature came about due to extensive nagging from Stuart Langridge and cut and paste code from the pygtk FAQ :)

So if you tried 0.12 and the profiles didn’t work for you, try 0.13

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