New Transmageddon release

Finally managed to sit down today and clear up all the lose ends I had left in the code since GUADEC. For instance in my mind remuxing was ‘done, but when I started testing and looking at the code this was not the case at all :). To celebrate these cleanups I pushed Transmageddon 0.12 today and I hope it will work reasonably well for people. The major new feature available is the remuxing support, which will let you keep the original audio or video track in the file. Stability should also be a little bit better as I added more error checking, but there is still some way to go there. Things should work fine as long as you got all the GStreamer plugins needed, but if you don’t your success will vary on what type of plugin is missing :)

Also added ASF and MPEG PS support in this release, but in order to create those you need either latest release of gst-plugins-bad for ASF or git master for MPEG PS.

Transmageddon now also sports its own icon thanks to Emily and Liam of, a big thanks for that.

Screenshot of the latest release also available of course.

Sorry for taking so long to get this, but I was trying to get DVD ripping support in, but that effort stalled unfortunately. Focus for next release will be to switch from Glade to GtkBuilder and add some more device profiles.

6 thoughts on “New Transmageddon release

  1. @Nathaniel: It already got two pass transcoding with some of the presets. I might try to add a checkbox in the UI for it.

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  3. I like the tool, but I think the input and output of files is terrible. Why do you output the result to the XDG video folder with the date attached? Nothing in Gnome does that as far as I know.

    What I think would be best for this tool is to make it a Nautilus extension with the ability to specify the destination defaulting to the source folder. « Nautilus Sound Converter » is nice in that regard.

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