Transmageddon 0.14 released

Pushed out a new release of Transmageddon today. It is mostly
about fixing bugs and trying to make things more robust. But I also added the PSP and Google G1 profiles to this release.
Remuxing should be more robust now and if it lacks the plugins it needs it will let you know and let you choose something else instead.

My next step is going to be to combine the device profiles with remuxing, so that if the device you are targeting supports
for instance the audio and/or video format used in the incoming media Transmageddon will just remux it instead of decode and re-encode it. Should eventually in combination with a AC3 parser plugin enable you to just remux Matroska files with H264 and AC3 audio to MPEG TS when you choose the PS3 profile to get a playable file. Only problem there of course is the bitrate requirements of AC3 when used in MPEG TS on the PS3.

6 thoughts on “Transmageddon 0.14 released

  1. Hi Christian, I’m currently trying to set up a GStreamer pipilene to create a profile for Arista and Transmageddon for may player, the Meizu M6 Miniplayer.

    Unfortunately, while Virtualdub and mencoder create working videos for this device, I’ve been unable to generate working videos with GStreamer.

    Do you have some hints that could help me to find the origin of the problem ?
    Thanks in advance.

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