GStreamer and Google Summer of Code 2010

So a big thank you to Leslie and her team at Google for also this year accepting GStreamer as a mentoring organisation. Last few years we had some great projects coming out of the Google Summer of Code, including MPEG PS muxing, Quicktime Muxing, ASF muxing, LADSPA version 2, Avisynth, MHEG support and more.

If you are a student and want to get some useful experience while getting paid this summer, developing multimedia software, I think there is no better way to do so than a GStreamer GSoC project, for instance you could help us develop our first native VAAPI elements or any of the other tasks on our SoC project suggestion list.

Of course don’t limit yourself to that list, personally for instance I would love to see some proposals from students interested in extending PiTiVi.
With it being shipped with Ubuntu now and transition support getting merged very soon it is a great time to help userfriendly video editing on linux become a reality. Just be sure to keep it stable as you add your features though as we don’t want join the other efforts out there in the click and crash category ;)

Interested students should check out the Google Summer of code website for details on how the project works and how to sign up.

Please feel free to ask questions on the GStreamer-devel mailing list or on the channel on

Update: Thought I should also link to the Google Summer of Code timeline. As you see the student application period starts on the 28th of March and ends on the 9th of April. Every year I strongly recommend people to get their applications in early as it lets you get more feedback on them and update them to a state where your chances of getting approved is significantly higher. The earlier in the process this happens the more discussion you can have with a potential mentor and thus better are your chances of making your proposal something the mentoring organisation wants to let got forward.
And as a sidenote, on the other end of the scale I should also mention that I seen good proposals which has been dropped as the student doesn’t seem to bother responding to feedback and questions.

One thought on “GStreamer and Google Summer of Code 2010

  1. DVB.

    The wiki is not editable. Could you put a dvb-plugin or some sort of interaction with gnome-dvb-daemon up there?

    Either directly in gstreamer or just as a moovida-plugin.

    I’ll even put in €100 extra to a student accomplishing that :)

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