Latest Dirac (schrodinger) release is really fast

I thought I should let people know that they really should grab latest version of the Schrodinger encoder/decoder from If you saw David Schleefs blogpost about Dirac you would have seen him mentioning it is much faster.

Having tested with GStreamer I can confirm that it is the case, it is really fast now, and CPU usage which used to be the achilles heal of Dirac doesn’t seem to be an issue now. Be sure to also grab gst-plugins-base 0.10.28 too though, as it contains a critical fix for playing back Dirac in Ogg containers.


#1 ssam on 03.15.10 at 16:39

Can you quantify the speed in terms of what CPU would be need to play a 1080p or 720 or whatever video?

can we start saying that HTML5 should use dirac?

#2 uraeus on 03.18.10 at 16:10

I got a 2Ghz dual core laptop at playing 720p takes about 30% CPU on my system on average.