GStreamer on Windows

While GStreamer has been working on Windows for a long time and one can compile GStreamer using Visual Studio, the lack of pre-made binaries for Windows developers has been a bit of an issue. Various groups and people have tried providing windows binaries for a while, but most efforts have stalled after a short while. The GStreamer winbuilds project however seems quite solid however and have now been doing good windows packages for quite a while. If you have been looking for Windows builds for GStreamer this is a good place to start. They already have a list of users on Windows and the reason I became aware is that the jokosher guys are using it for their windows porting effort.

4 thoughts on “GStreamer on Windows

  1. There really needs to be one free software distribution with Win32 as one of the architectures. GnuWin32 is probably the closest, maybe all Win32 free software packages should move there?

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