One man against the elements

Every once in a while a man is faced with what seems like an insurmountable obstacle, at that point he has two choices, give up and despair or tackle the challenge head on. Yesterday I was faced with such an obstacle and in honour of my mountain dwelling ancestors I did the right thing and of course took on the challenge.

So what peril came across my path you ask? What challenge lead me to having to reach for new heights in ingenuity and problem solving? Well I will tell you. It all started in those days that Cambridge was bathed in blue skies and sunlight for over a week, it being such a rare occasion I felt a special tribute to the sun needed to be built and with no one else stepping up to the plate it was left to me to take on this Herculean and potentially dangerous task. The first component of my sun altar came from a land far away, known for its huge amounts of sunlight and its skimpy bikinis. This crucial building block was called the Amazonas Paradiso Terracotta Hammock and yesterday morning it was delivered to my humble abode.

However standing there with my new hammock I realized all was not well in the land, my garden only got one tree in it. And while others might have looked to the sky and screamed ‘why me?’ I instead decided to take matters into my own hands. So after a quick trip to B&Q I had gathered the materials I needed to create my own tree, my frankentree one could say. After a lot of digging, hammering, drilling and rope cutting, my act of creation was done, and a wonder had appeared in my humble garden.

And thus it had happened, against all odds and mother nature herself fighting against me, I had endured and in the end succeeded in my mission.

So now I can spend the rest of the summer relaxing in my wondrous hammock, enjoying Pax Romana

3 thoughts on “One man against the elements

  1. Herlig Bror!! Nyt sommeren med bøker og paraplydrinker :) Du skriver godt. Klem fra din minste søster

  2. I wondered what “skimpy bikini” meant… and googled.

    That reminds me when so many years ago I was a latex beginner, and searched “latex”… :-)

  3. I’m a hammock camper, in that I’ve done it once. but before I did it, I scoured the web for information on hammocks. It is much more comfortable than the ground. These two sites might help with what you are trying to do, but I would generally recommend the site.

    the knot I use for just about tying anything to a tree or post now.

    A guide for hanging a hammock if you only have one tree

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