OpenOffice and GStreamer

Was happy to see this OpenOffice and GStreamer blog entry today about how OpenOffice has chosen GStreamer to power the multimedia support in OpenOffice going forward. While users of OpenOffice on Linux have been able to enjoy GStreamer support for quite some time thanks to the efforts of Novell, it is still good to see that the upstream project is also coming around to officially supporting this. Currently only enabled by default for Unix/Linux systems I hope we will see it used on Windows and on MacOS X eventually. A big welcome to the OpenOffice community into the GStreamer community :)

2 thoughts on “OpenOffice and GStreamer

    • Not meaning to spread FUD here, but I think they chose VLC as the path of least resistance, meaning it “just works” on all three platforms already.

      Xine/mplayer are/will be deprecated.

      I’m not sure what’s the state of GStreamer on Windows nowadays.

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