GStreamer Conference 2011

Discovered today that the cat is out of the bag and that it is now public that we will be co-locating the GStreamer Conference 2011 together with LinuxCon Europe, The Linux Kernel Summit and ELC-Europe in Prague this year. So set aside some days in October because this is a Linux and open source mega event you do not want to miss :)

Will be doing a more formal announcement in the coming weeks, along with getting a website set up for this years conference. I hope to see everyone who came to the GStreamer Conference in Cambridge last year and a whole lot of new faces at this years event! For those who missed last years event, know that some of the videos and most of the slides are available on the 2010 GStreamer conference website.

3 thoughts on “GStreamer Conference 2011

  1. @bob: didn’t notice before now that there is no clear download link for the videos from last. I will see if we can get that fixed.

  2. If you click on a video, there’ll be a “Share this video” tab, which lets you download the video as OGG or MP4 file.

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