New look for Transmageddon

Screenshot of git snapshot of Transmageddon

Screenshot of git snapshot of Transmageddon

Been preparing Transmageddon for adding a slew of new features, biggest visible change so far is replacing the radiobuttons with drop down lists. People suggested I do that from day one, but with the new features planned it has become a necessity, should also make Transmageddon nicer to use on small screens, like netbooks.

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  1. I like this little piece of software. I have one question. Is it possible to concatenate various Inputvideos to one Video? Is this planned for Transmageddon?

  2. I think he means concatenation without reencoding.

    BTW, whoever thought it would be a good idea to not give the user the opportunity to choose the output folder and filename?

  3. @Tobias

    Hey, it’s GNOME, the developers choose what is sane/logical for you [/sarcasm]

  4. nice improvement :-)

    Could we imagine having the possibility to truncate the video with Transmageddon (i.e. only between 3min and 6 min) ? It doesn’t look completely out of scope of Transmageddon to me ?


  5. Nice.

    Is it within the scope of transmageddon to be able to rip a DVD to a MKV, menus, chapters, subtitles and all?

  6. @nona: I am hoping to add some initial DVD ripping support in this release, how far that support will eventually go is hard to say, but hopefully we will get closer to your wish over time :)

  7. @Tobias: My goal with Transmageddon was to keep the UI as minimalistic as possible and automatically generating a new filename and outputting it into the ~Videos directory was one of the things I did towards this goal. It is not likely to change, but there is a (long term) plan that if you connect a device to your computer then Transmageddon will give you the option of transcoding directly onto that.

  8. uraeus, think about it. The user is unlikely to want to keep the output file named as it has become in that Ā»unrelatedĀ« Videos folder. So to move it out of there and rename it will make things more complicated in terms of total clicks and total navigation time.

    And I think transcoding directly onto a device is a good idea, but not a very common scenario.

    Sometimes you just have to go with the conventional mechanics. That is entailed by the principle of least surprise.

  9. Cool! Quick question: a more minimal (and likely just as useful) interface would be to only have input file, output preset, and progress bar in the window, with the other stuff (video and audio output codecs, and rotation) hidden behind an expander. So that the basic “Transmageddon operation” (convert *this* video to *this* other format) is obvious, and I’m never bothered by having to know about “audio codecs” and so on. This obviously requires a good set of presets, but that’s what I want Transmageddon for; I don’t want to have to know “the format that YouTube supports” or “the format that Android supports” or whatever; I just want to choose my input video and then choose “YouTube” from the presets (which could be called “output formats”, rather than “presets”) and that’s it. :)

  10. “choose” is overused, consider just having “Input File” “Audio Codec” and “Video Codec”. The arrow implies that you can pick something already.

  11. Hi.

    under the audio/video comboboxes you could put a little checkbox ‘Set output path/filename:’ which would insert the path chooser & filename textbox (filename texbox should still cope with pre-defined placeholders for date/time, user, etc.)

    even if you auto-set output path/filename the timestamp should be YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss for sorting purposes…

    Best regards, Max

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