Transmageddon hacking

Finally making some good progress on Transmageddon again. The new version is a quite big rewrite, switching to the new discoverer in plugins-base and using the new encodebin element. The UI has also been heavily modified and no longer uses the radio buttons, but instead relies on dynamic drop down lists.

Feature wise I am still at the same point as the previous version, partly because my developed goal was to port to the new UI and backend before adding features. Do plan on adding deinterlacing in there though, before making a new release (and do a lot o testing, I am sure there are a ton of regressions and behaviour issues atm).

Mandatory screen shot below, hope people like the new UI. I expect I will be able to close the vast majority of open Transmageddon bugs with this release, but of course the switch to encodebin has revealed some new bugs too :)

Transmageddon git

6 thoughts on “Transmageddon hacking

  1. Maybe I’m missing something but if you want to scale the video do you have to define a new preset? I’d really like to see input boxes for height and width too, this would be extremely handy as I keep all source material at 1080P but occasionally want to send people lower resolution copies.

    Thanks for the tool, very nice :)

    • Not missing something, scaling is currently only available in the presets. Been thinking about exposingit, but there is a lot of stuff that I could expose and I am still not sure what is the right balance between features and ending up with a UI as cryptic as Handbrake.

  2. For me the interface is still too cluttered…

    I really think the user should only need to choose the input file, and select the preset. Nothing more. You would then use a real, handy preset editor for all the rest. It would let you create, copy, delete and enable/disable presets. Handling inheritance on presets might be nice too, but I’m not sure.

    Most people will always use the same presets, the ones they use for their digital device(s).

    • @liberforce: that is more or less what Arista does already (

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