Sometimes the bleeding edge cuts

One thing I like with being a Fedora user is that it usually gets me a bleeding edge stuff, but at the same time it tends to be well maintained and tested enough to not break my system. Since a lot of the most important and cool new developments in the Linux world is done by Red Hat engineers they of course are able to bring out quite stable and working versions of the new stuff in Fedora first.

Of course once in a while there are some painful hickups. Gedit had been crashing for me since the upgrade to FC15, so I decided to run a yum upgrade this weekend. It grabbed an updated gedit along with some other stuff. Gedit now seems more stable, but unfortunately a lot of other stuff stopped working. Most critically it seems NetworkManager is down and out, so I had to fall back to the trusty old ‘ifup’ command to get online. Also it seems docking station support got an accidental axe in the back, because if I connect my laptop to the docking station, both screens just go black now.

Seems I am not the only one as I found 708445 in the Red Hat bugzilla for the network manager issue and 708530 for the docking station issue.

Hopefully things will get sorted soon, Red Hat tends to be quite good and getting fixes out fast in these situations, but I guess I once again learned the hard lesson about living on the bleeding edge :)

6 thoughts on “Sometimes the bleeding edge cuts

  1. I have encountered the same problem related to NM. All I have to do was to reinstall it.

  2. I built the version from git, and it didn’t crash either, so I expect an update very soon. :)

    Also, these days it’s F15, not FC15, Fedora dropped the “Core” thing a while ago.

  3. Hallo Christian,

    ich habe ähnliche Erfahrungen mit Fedora 15 gemacht (viele Anwendungs-Abstürze) und habe deshalb auch wieder Fedora 14 installiert, dass auf meinem Rechner schon ein halbes Jahr ohne Probleme lief. Was mich persönlich aber am meisten stört, ist das Erscheinungsbild der verwendeten Schrift. Ich habe deshalb einmal GNOME-Tweak installiert und versucht das Schriftbild zu verbessern, jedoch ohne Erfolg. Die anderen Schriften sehen unter GNOME 3 ebenfalls unschön aus. Wenn ich mir zudem so die Erfahrungsberichte von Fedora 15-Anwendern im Web durchlese, kann ich mich des Eindrucks nicht erwähren, dass GNOME 3 wenigstens noch 2 Jahre reifen muss, um wieder an die Stabilität von GNOME 2 anzuknüpfen. Es wäre schön wenn es schneller vonstatten ginge, aber ich habe da starke Zweifel!


  4. I haven’t had any real problems with NetworkManager in F15, other than it seeming to take forever to connect to any wireless network.

    I have had the dock issue with my X200s but my experience was the opposite of yours. For me, it was broken until I updated something sometime this last week or so. Now it works fine.

  5. Hum. Only problem I’ve had (fresh install on a new computer) is that Linux MultiMedia Studio won’t install. There’s an incompatibility with the version of GCC that LMMS wants, and what Fedora 15 has installed.

    Which is too bad. I’ve just bought a brand new Fireware card to drop in that box, so I can do some testing of the recording capabilities of Linux compared to a Mac using an M-AUDIO ProFire 2626 Firewire Interface, and about a dozen Microphones (yes, I have that many – and some of them are mucho expensive, got this really neat Vacuum Tube driven vocal mic that will knock your socks off).


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