OpenOffice vs LibreOffice – the next chapter

Been seeing with interest the latest moves around Open Office. While a lot of people see it as almost a direct attack on Libre Office, to me personally it seems like a clumsy result of Oracle trying to ditch OpenOffice without frustrating their main OpenOffice business partner, IBM. Due to having the Lotus Symphony suite based on OpenOffice under a special license from Sun/Oracle, I wouldn’t be surprised if switching to the pure LGPL Libre Office seemed painful to them. And thus the idea of an Apache licensed OpenOffice must have seemed endearing.

Personally I hope people stick with LibreOffice and build upon their existing success. Chasing a big company like IBM might seem tempting, but big companies change their mind and change priorities all the time, just look at Nokia, so if you have something viable without a big company involved, stick with it, and let the big company contribute on your terms if they want, as it will then have the ability to stay around even when the big company goes elsewhere.

1 thought on “OpenOffice vs LibreOffice – the next chapter

  1. My theory is that the only reason IBM influenced Oracle to do that (because I do believe they did) is to keep an open implementation of ODF so that they can continue to try to upsell it…

    But that’s just pure speculation. Simplest reason. After all they already have the source code.

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