Weekend hacking

Spent some time this weekend hacking on Transmageddon. Fixed various small bugs and UI issues that I had punted up until now for the UI. For instance with latest git when you create a pure audio file it doesn’t automatically get the suffix .mp3, which is nice in the cases when you are not creating a mp3 file :) And if you put aac into a quicktime container the file gets named .m4a instead of .mov.

Also started looking into the issue of how to handle multiple audio streams in the file being transcoded. Currently all streams gets transcoded to the same chosen format if the container format support its, if the container only supports 1 audio stream you get one by random. This is not ideal :)

Ended up filing this bug with a request for how we can improve the GStreamer API to make handling such things easier for application developers. Discoverer, uridecodebin and encodebin makes a lot of things a lot easier, but for handling files with multiple streams of the same type I think we still need some improvements.

2 thoughts on “Weekend hacking

  1. The QuickTime and MP4 containers, while very similar, aren’t interchangeable. Instead of putting AAC in MOV and calling it M4A you really should put AAC in MP4 and call that M4A (and optionally set major_brand to “M4A “).

    • Ah, thanks for the info Alex, I just assumed it was Quicktime since it was an Apple championed format, but I fix it to be ISO mp4 instead.

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