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Discovered a new piece of software using GStreamer the other day called Media Explorer. It is a nice media center type solution for the desktop and Meego devices. The system has been developed by mostly Intel engineers, but they have now made it freely available. I tried it on my Fedora system last evening and it seems to have a bit of a MeeGo bias currently, as it complained about Connman being installed and also didn’t look for media in the desktop Media directories, but I am sure those are smaller issues that can quickly be sorted out. Thomas Wood did this nice blog entry about it a couple of weeks ago, with some more details.

Anyway if you are looking for a linux based media center UI this might be what you are looking for, personally I will try to see if I can get it going on my little Panda board at home.

Update: Also noticed there is a nice article about Media Explorer on

3 thoughts on “Media Explorer

  1. “have not made it freely available” – presumably this is a typo?

  2. I already tried MEX in the pandaboard. Unfortunately its video drivers are quite unstable yet (and, of course, they’re close), and the textures handling are broke, so I couldn’t get video output.

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