Collabora at the Desktop Summit

So like a lot of people I am going to the Desktop Summit this year. And I am not alone there from Collabora as usual, in fact there is quite a few talks during the conference by Collaborans. Having compiled this information anyway I figured that I should put it up here too, so others interested could get an overview of some of the areas we are involved with here at Collabora.

List of Collabora talks at the Desktop Summit this year in chronological order

Folks: Contact aggregation for Free Software by Travis Reitter.

WebKit Clutter Port Present and Future; WebKitGtk Status and Roadmap to WebKit2 by Gustavo Noronha Silva (Collabora), Martin Robinson (Igalia), Alejandro G. Castro (Igalia)

Improving the quality of video calls on the Free Desktop by Olivier CrĂȘte.

Gluing Together Usable Desktop Crypto by Stef Walter.

The Slothful Ways of D-Bus by Will Thompson.

The Semantic Desktop for Application Developers by George Goldberg.

GStreamer 1.0 by Wim Taymans and Edward Hervey.

Jeff Fortin and Edward Hervey will also organize a PiTiVi and gst-editing-services hackfest during the conference.

And finally there is the Collabora party on the 9th of August which of course is going to be best party of the conference :)