Transmageddon runs with GStreamer 0.11

After updating GStreamer and doing a couple of small fixes I managed to make Transmageddon work with the GTK3 and the 0.11 branch of GStreamer. Obligatory screenshot below. As you might guess from looking at the screenshot there are still some issues that needs solving, but
I am happy that I managed to get this far.

Screenshot of development Transmageddon

Transmageddon running GTK3 and GStreamer 0.11/1.0

Hopefully it is a sign that the upcoming GStreamer hackfest in Malaga will be a great successful everyone who is participating.

I hope the remainder of the porting effort will be relatively simple as I would love to get back to working on real features instead of just updating old functionality to use a new backend to do the same. Having had a need for Transmageddon for a couple of work related tasks recently a couple of items, like batch job programming has moved up my priorities list.

8 thoughts on “Transmageddon runs with GStreamer 0.11

  1. Great work!

    Maybe it’s not the best place to ask, but do you feel gstreamer does transcoding more eficiently now?

    Thank you

  2. Ignacius: Well the ‘new’ encodebin and discoverer elements does at least make it a lot easier to set up and manage, as for encoding efficiency in terms of speed that is of course mostly up to the encoders used be that libav/ffmpeg, x264 or libva codecs.

    Antistress: The exact release date isn’t set yet, but a February/March timeline might end up being it. Hopefully the hackfest will help us stabilize the 1.0 branch much quicker. As for using GES, I was a bit to generic in that previous blog post, I am using discoverer and encodebin which Edward developed as part of GES, but not ‘GES’ itself as I don’t really offer any editing functionality like trimming etc. in Transmageddon, PiTiVi will be using GES however, both for 0.10 and 1.0.

  3. Thanks for the answear. Since PiTiVi guys are actively working on the GES port, i hope that it won’t take too long for GES to use GStreamer 1.0…
    have a good Hackfest :-)

  4. @antistress: Edward has already done a port of GES, for C applications porting to 1.0 is extremely simple. The challenge for Transmageddon and PiTIVi is that we are moving from hand made python bindings to Gobject Introspection based ones, which means the Python API is changing quite a bit, but apart from that the API differences are small and quick to fix.

  5. The right-aligned Help menu is so Windows 3.1-esque… :P

    I think a simple [ Help ] button at the bottom of the window would look better.

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