Collabora and Fluendo partners to invest in GStreamer

So working up to MWC in Barcelona this week we just announced a great new effort by Collabora and Fluendo around the GStreamer project. The goal is to ease adoption of GStreamer by making sure that no matter what platform you are in, there are well tested and easy to install and use binaries of GStreamer available. This means that not matter if you are running Windows, MacOS X or Linux, you will have a GStreamer SDK available to use. Eventually we will also cover various embedded platforms with this SDK, making it easier than ever to use GStreamer to create great cross platform multimedia applications. You can find out more about this effort by checking out the press release which have all the relevant details.

4 thoughts on “Collabora and Fluendo partners to invest in GStreamer

  1. Sounds great, however it’s not clear from your post or the press release if this SDK itself is going to be a commercial product or if it will be open source, and if the latter whether development will be open or not. Thanks.

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