Gearing up Transmageddon for release

As we count down towards the GStreamer 1.0 release I been spending some free moments preparing the new Transmageddon version, today I re-enabled multipass encoding, removed the redundant xvid option (as we already do MPEG4) and polished the notification message a little. Tried to run through with as many codecs as I can, and so far they all seem to work perfectly with GStreamer 1.0. So hopefully a new Transmageddon release soon :)

I think I got everything that was there before the 1.0 port back again, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I have managed to miss a feature somewhere :)

2 thoughts on “Gearing up Transmageddon for release

  1. Shouldn’t you keep the xvid option as an alias for MPEG4? I’m sure there are many users of transmageddon that wouldn’t know they are the same.
    To the point: I think you’ve just made it a bit less usable.

    Perhaps mentioning xvid in a description field can help.

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