A great service for Fedora and Humble Bundle

I think most people are aware of the Humble Bundle which have been releasing a range of cool and great games on Linux since they started up. The games though has usually tended to be distributed as a tarball and doesn’t automatically integrate itself into your Fedora system like you would like. Well thanks to the cool effort called Mumble RPMS you can now turn all those tarballs from the Humble Bundle into nice RPMS for Fedora. So a big thanks to the author of Muble RPMS for doing this work!

2 thoughts on “A great service for Fedora and Humble Bundle

  1. I *love* Fedora, but seriously, this is only for advanced users. Do you think a casual user/gamer want to rebuild a package with command line?

    I do not think this is an issue for this bundle anymore as the installers are based on Nixstaller, which handles the missing deps (also testing the arch) and can build a package for almost all distributions (even fedora, debian, arch, etc.). Also, there is only one download (xxx.sh), not 32 vs 64 bits so we are more like on windows/mac. On the downside the produced packages are not that perfect I imagine (but it is not required to do it, there is an uninstaller).

    Off course, the possibility to actually redeem on Ubuntu Software Center is way simpler! If only there would be something like that for Fedora for casual users! :-/

    Simplifying things a bit for non-free games + HIB + steem efforts, I hope the gaming momentum on Linux can continue!

    Thanks for the post, I would not have known the effort otherwise, and it’s great, but for advanced users only.

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