Transmageddon 0.24 is out

So I finally released an official new Transmageddon release today, 0.24. In addition to the changes from the 0.23 test release (GTK3 and GStreamer 1.0), this new version uses Python 3 and got some fixes for improved handling of missing codecs. Let me know if its giving you any trouble.

Next step is looking into how to implement some or all of the new interface design from Gendre S├ębastien.

4 thoughts on “Transmageddon 0.24 is out

  1. Seeing “enable parallel encoding” checkbox seems like bad UI. Transmaggedon should utilize all CPUs automatically. What’s the use case for this limitation to single thread?

    • The UI mockups are quite experimental atm, I am sure that once we get onto implementing some of them things will change. But yes I agree that having an option to enable the use of multiple CPUs seems of little value.

    • The goal is doing many transcoding in same time. One file per threads.

      That mean, If you have a CPU with 4 treads, with this option you transcode 3 files in parallel.

  2. On the git repo, I have updated the PNG version to include missing part and settings windows on svg and png version.

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