A Linux Game Changer?

So the Linux based Steam Gaming Console has been relased, or at least one version of it. It is called Piston and it seems quite nice looking.

Personally I think this device has a potential to truly transform the Linux desktop and gaming market. If this things takes off it could for instance make linux drivers the top priority for the makers for graphic chips. And people specalizing in gaming oriented high end PCs would also be likely to start offering those machines with Linux.

So I don’t know about you, but I will for sure buy one of these boxes when it comes out :)

9 thoughts on “A Linux Game Changer?

  1. Me too. I hope it’s hackeable (Valve said it would be). And having more games supporting Linux (even if it’s because the Piston console), means that a lot of people can ditch it’s windows partition. Interesting times for Linux. 2013 may not be the year of the Linux desktop, but it’s probably the year of Linux gaming

  2. A linux gaming machine that can also be a small linux workstation… I will surely buy it too. I can’t wait for it.

  3. If it’s really priced between 500 and 900 dollars as the Xi3 models suggest then it’s going to be hard for Valve.

    • Well I think there will be a lot of different machines at different price levels, my guess is that Valve will do like Google and let anyone who wants to make a Steam box. And remember this is not a suckers deal like the traditional consoles where you get the console under cost, but pay a silly amount of the games.

    • Apparently I should at least read the title of the linked article. Yes it’s an Xi3.

  4. Well, that sounds great. Maybe in a few years, Linux will be more relevant to game dev’s than Windows. There already are some very good “state of the art” graphics and game engines like Irrlicht or Crystal Space – now there’s a video game system to put them to use for the masses.
    I’d say it’s up to the developers and manufacturers now to make some really good games (and maybe remakes) for this wonderful thing – oh yes, and I’m gonna buy one of them as soon as they get published in Germany!

  5. Steam Gaming console is the most ambitious project of VALVE . Company said that it is a hybrid device which will join technology from the console world with technology from the PC world – creating an affordable, easy-to-use system for playing the latest PC games.

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