Red Hat joins Khronos

So Red Hat are now formally a member of the Khronos Groups who many of probably know as the shepherds of the OpenGL standard. We haven’t gotten all the little bits sorted yet, like getting our logo on the Khronos website, but our engineers are signing up for the various Khronos working groups etc. as we speak.

So the reason we are joining is because of all the important changes that are happening in Graphics and GPU compute these days and our wish to have more direct input of the direction of some of these technologies. Our efforts are likely to focus on improving the OpenGL specification by proposing some new extensions to OpenGL, and of course providing input and help with moving the new Vulkan standard forward.

So well known Red Hat engineers such as Dave Airlie, Adam Jackson, Rob Clark and others will from now on play a much more direct role in helping shape the future of 3D Graphics standards. And we really look forward to working with our friends and colleagues at Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Valve and more inside Khronos.


#1 Beej on 04.18.15 at 03:26

Really excited to read about this..

#2 Anonymous Coward on 04.18.15 at 15:15

Should we expect the OpenGL support in systemd soon ?

#3 Constantine on 04.19.15 at 13:34

Yet proprietary AMD driver fails to work on Fedora.

#4 uraeus on 04.20.15 at 13:50

I wasn’t aware of this, haven you filed a bug somewhere?

#5 drmbios on 04.24.15 at 11:45

Linux everywhere:)

#6 Leslie Satenstein on 04.26.15 at 11:33

I am delighted to read about this Fedora / Red Hat move. It is a move to reduce the number of sites we have to visit to include great Open Source (free/non free) software.

I hope that we will have a repro file to permit us to include some of their offerings that F/RH will not (can not) provide.