Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 – A major desktop milestone

So many of you have probably seen that RHEL 7.2 is out today. There are many important updates in this release, some of them detailed in the official RHEL 7.2 press release.

One thing however which you would only discover if you start digging into the 7.2 update is that its the first time in RHEL history that we are doing a full scale desktop update in a point release. We shipped RHEL 7.0 with GNOME 3.8 and in RHEL 7.2 we are updating it to GNOME 3.14. This brings in a lot of new major features into RHEL, like the work we did on improved HiDPI support, improved touch and gesture support, it brings GNOME Software to RHEL, the improved system status area and so on. We plan on updating the desktop further in later RHEL 7.x point releases.

This change of policy is of course important to the many RHEL Workstation customers we have, but I also hope it will make RHEL Workstation and also the CentOS Workstation more attractive options to those in the community who have been looking for a LTS version of Fedora. This policy change gives you the rock solid foundation of RHEL and the RHEL kernel and combines it with a very well tested yet fairly new desktop release. So if you feel Fedora is moving to quickly, yet have felt that RHEL on the other hand has been moving to slowly, we hope that with this change to RHEL we have found a sweet compromise.

We will of course also keep doing regular applications updates in RHEL 7.x, just like we started with in RHEL 6.x. Giving you up to date versions of things like LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and more.


#1 Anon on 11.20.15 at 07:46

Will this bring support for additional vpn plugins like PPTP and l2tp to RHEL desktops?

#2 swilmet on 11.20.15 at 09:48

– GNOME 3.8 in March 2013
– RHEL 7.0 in June 2014
– GNOME 3.14 in Sept 2014
– RHEL 7.2 in Nov 2015
– GNOME 3.20 in March 2016
–> RHEL 7.x around May-July 2017 with GNOME 3.20?

#3 rudiinko on 11.20.15 at 14:05

RHEL 7.3 will update to 3.18 according to RHBZ

#4 uraeus on 11.20.15 at 15:27

Actually the only thing that bug says is that someone requested GNOME 3.18 in RHEL 7.3, it is no agreement or confirmation of such a thing.

#5 uraeus on 11.20.15 at 15:59

I am not in a position to deny or confirm any features or timelines for future RHEL releases unfortunately :)

#6 nucc1 on 11.29.15 at 18:41

Forgive me if the answer is obvious, but how does one get the Redhat 7.2 iso to play around with?

#7 nucc1 on 11.29.15 at 18:43

Never mind, found it. Seems to require a subscription. (nothing wrong with charging for it, of course)