Running Wayland on the Nvidia driver

I know many of you have wanted to test running Wayland on NVidia. The work on this continues between Jonas Ådahl, Adam Jackson and various developers at NVidia. It is not ready for primetime yet as we are still working on the server side glvnd piece we need for XWayland. That said with both Adam Jackson looking at this from our side and Kyle Brenneman looking at it from NVidia I am sure we will be able to hash out the remaining open questions and get that done.

In the meantime Miguel A. Vico from NVidia has set up a Copr to let people start testing using EGLStreams under Wayland. I haven’t tested it myself yet, but if you do and have trouble make sure to let Miguel and Jonas know.

As a sidenote, I am heading off to GUADEC in Manchester tomorrow and we do plan to discuss efforts like these there. We have team members like Jonas Ådahl flying in from Taiwan and Peter Hutterer flying in from Australia, so it will be a great chance to meet core developers who are far away from us in terms of timezone and geographical distance. GUADEC this year should be a lot of fun and from what I hear we are going to have record level attendance this year based early registration numbers, so if you can make it Manchester I strongly recommend joining us as I think this years event will have a lot of energy and a lot of interesting discussions on what the next steps are for GNOME.

10 thoughts on “Running Wayland on the Nvidia driver

  1. EGLStreams under Wayland is a bit misleading. It’s GNOME’s mutter specific and the post makes it sound like it’s DE agnostic.

    Do you plan similar code paths for kwin_wayland or any other wayland compositor?

    • The headline just says running Wayland on the NVidia driver which is what the story is about. And those that read my blog tend to be people who follow the Fedora Workstation updates I post, so that the Wayland and NVidia driver combination also includes mutter shouldn’t come as a shock.

      We don’t have plans for other compositors, but that doesn’t mean of course that the other compositors doesn’t have plans for such support, you would have to check with them.

  2. Any news on the new Unix allocator as an alternative to GBM and EGLStreams Nvidia talked about a while ago? The GitHub repository seems abandoned by now…

  3. I installed the wayland mutter in my fedora rawhide with kernenl-4.13.rc2, nv 384.47, and set nvidia-drm modeset=1 as per readme of drivers.
    But it doesn’t work to start wayland by mutter –display-server –wayland, Iinux only got frozen

  4. Nice!
    I tried installing the copr but well its not a “wayland out of the box” thing… any instructions somewhere on how to enable wayland + NVIDIA?

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