New opportunities in the Red Hat Desktop team

So we are looking to hire quite a few people into the Desktop team currently. First of all we are looking to hire two graphics engineers to help us work on Linux Graphics drivers. The first of those two jobs is now online on the Red Hat jobs site. This is a job in our core graphics team focusing on RHEL, Fedora and upstream around the Intel, AMD and NVidia open source drivers. This is an opportunity to join a team of incredibly talented engineers working on everything from the graphics system of the Linux kernel and on the userspace bits like Vulkan, OpenGL and Wayland.  The job is listed as Senior Engineer, but for the right candidate we have flexibility there. We also have flexibility for people who want to work remotely, so as long as there is a Red Hat office in your home country you can work remotely for us.  The second job, which we hope to have up soon, will be looking more at ARM graphics and be tied to our automotive effort, but we will be looking at the applications for either position in combination so feel free to apply for the already listed job even if you are more interested in the second one as we will discuss both jobs with potential candidates.

The second job we have up is for – Software Engineer – GPU, Input and Multimedia which is also for joining our Graphics team. This job is targetted at our  office in Brno, Czechia and is a great entry level position if you are interested in the field of graphics. The job listing can be found here and outlines the kind of things we want you to look at, but do expect initially your job will be focused on helping the rest of the team manage their backlog and then grow from there.

The last job we have online now is for the automotive team, where we are looking for someone at the Senior/Principal level to join our Infotainment team, working with car makers around issues related to multimedia and help identifying needs and gaps and then work with upstream communities to figure out how we can resolve those issues. The job is targeted at Madrid, Spain as it is where we hope to center some of the infotainment effort and it makes things easier in terms of hardware access and similar, but for the right candidate we might be open to looking for candidates wanting to work remote or in another Red Hat office. You can find this job listing here.

We expect to be posting further jobs for the infotainment team within a week or two, so I will update once they are up.

4 thoughts on “New opportunities in the Red Hat Desktop team

  1. It is great to see Red Hat’s strong investment in the desktop space is opening new opportunities. Having the desktop provide an increasing revenue stream is the best way for Red Hat to expand its desktop investment.

    As the desktop team grows, I hope Red Hat sees the opportunity around general enterprise desktop. The work around Fedora 34 shows the culmination of years of investment in Linux Desktop plumbing. As the desktop matures, the biggest weakness is now general business productivity applications. The lack of mature solutions around Email and Calendaring, along with the weak UX/UI for LibreOffice is among the last remaining blockers toward wider enterprise adoption.

    Once they are resolved, the general strengths like much stronger security, stability, and richer user experience will drive more enterprises to explore the Linux Desktop.

  2. Please fix “Brno, Czechia”, it’s “Brno, Czech Republic” and I’m not even from Czech Republic.

  3. I work on Desktop Applications on Linux extensively and i can’t apply, because Red Hat job application process is locked behind the login page without any registration page for me to register an account. Why?

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