Empathy for GNOME 2.22

I proposed Empathy for inclusion in GNOME Desktop 2.22, you can follow the discussion here.

6 thoughts on “Empathy for GNOME 2.22”

  1. Sounds cool. I heard a talk about Telepathy, I think it was at LugRadioLive (via the video downloads) and I was blown away. I hope this does make it into GNOME .

  2. Just readed the dependies:


    Why depend on this when empathy is a new library?

    libglade should be replaced by gtkbuilder API and libgnomeui is hopefully soon to be deprecated!!!

  3. Mikael > libgnomeui is used only for bugbuddy and there is no UI yet to create GtkBuilder files so I still have to use libglade. And libempathy-gtk is not newly written code since it’s mostly stolen from Gossip.

  4. Having Empathy in GNOME by default would rock! Especially with the new voice/video support coming up.

  5. Xavier,

    I haven’t read the entire thread, but an important argument seems to be that other GNOME projects (like totem and nautilus) will not be able to freely depend on libempathy if it is not included. Empathy brings with it a powerful shared library that many other GNOME modules will benefit from…

  6. While following the thread I almost died when reading about “libpurple already providing said functionality.” Please kill me the day I’m forced to link against libpurple. The name is a good summary of the quality. ;)

    Oh and BTW: I almost decided to already use Empathy instead of Gajim (not gaim) but it still lacks vCard support :)

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