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I just released Empathy 2.24.0! I branched for GNOME 2.24 so trunk is now open for new stuff, see the roadmap for more details.

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote an interesting usability comparaison between Empathy and Pidgin. Some of the problems pointed by that document are already fixed in Empathy 2.24.0, others will be in 2.25.x.

And finally a personal note: I’m not searching for a job anymore. I work full-time for Collabora since September 1st. This means I’ll have less time for working on Empathy, but Collabora agreed to let me work on Empathy 1day per 2 weeks. So all contributions are appreciated, don’t let empathy’s development slowdown.

7 thoughts on “Empathy updates”

  1. That’s like 12 days of work on Empathy till 2.26. Not much, but it’s still nice of Collabora to let you work a full day per two weeks on your own project.

  2. Congratulations for your job !

    As TomaszD said, one day per two weeks is not much but I’m sure that there wiill be some nice guys to help you on this wonderful project.

  3. please, save position of the window when i reopen id from tray. now it appears in different places.

  4. There is nothing to save, your WM is probably broken. Yes *all* versions of *all* WM are buggy in different ways.

    I’m using Metacity on Ubuntu intrepid, and it works perfectly.

  5. I’m sure that you’ll get more contributions now that it’s part of Gnome. Let’s get that licensing issue out of the way, eh?

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