Empathy moved to GNOME’s git

Long time no blogging…

Yesterday the git-team pushed the red button and started the git migration from SVN. I’m really happy to see GNOME going forward without too much flames.

We were using GIT for the Empathy developement for a long time now, thanks to a git mirror I maintained using git-svn. But now we have an official git repository hosted on GNOME server. So please, everyone who has branches based on the old repository, follow those instructions to migrate your work to the new repository. I already ported my personal repository and rebased all branches there, so if you are using it (cloned, or added as remote location) you will have to clone it again, or add it as remote location on a new clone of the official GNOME repository.

Once again, thanks to those who made all the work to make git.gnome.org happen!

Other Empathy news:

  • I released Empathy 2.26.1 with lots of bug fixes.
  • We opened Ubuntu jaunty ppa with up to date packages for empathy and the whole telepathy stack.
  • Development started on master for the 2.27.x branch. It contains all the fixes from 2.26.1 plus: A new presence chooser widget (Thanks to Davyd), ported to GtkBuilder instead of libglade, and more to come soon…

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