Phabricator git integration

Recently I’ve been using Phabricator for a few projects. I wrote a small tool called git-phab to help attaching a set of patches to Phabricator for review. The idea is that it creates a new Differential for each commit in a range you provide, a bit like git-bz.

It started as a small personal helper, but lots of colleagues said it’s useful for them as well, so let’s share it: repository, README.

3 thoughts on “Phabricator git integration”

  1. Hi,
    I have installed phabricator, but after that i want to intagrate with JIRA, That is also done. but JIRA issue is not listing to that phabricator.

  2. @carlos: because it’s made for an SVN workflow where you squash all your work in a big commit. git-phab does use “arc diff” but keeps commits seperated.

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