git-phab: updates

Many improvements on git-phab lately:

  • It is now hosted on
  • “git phab attach” now also push the branch and links it on the Maniphest (only supported on fdo and collabora’s phabricator atm). Reviewers/testers can then easily retrieve the branch with “git phab fetch Txxx”.
  • Fixed compatibility with phabricator’s fragile commit msg parser.
  • Check the backlog, give feedback, contribute 🙂

2 thoughts on “git-phab: updates”

  1. Didn’t know KDE community moved to phab as well. If you guys adopt git-phab workflow, you could want to add the non-standard “std:maniphest:git:uri-branch” field on your server instance. I don’t know how to do it, Daniel Stone did it for fdo and collabora servers.

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