HIG 2.2

I just bumped the stable version of the HIG to v2.2.  

Really it’s more of a 2.0.1 release, as none of the content has changed apart from the illustrations, which have all been updated to use the Clearlooks theme.  But given the number of people involved (Mihai Anca, Denis Anisimov, and Wouter Bron did the bulk of the illustrations) and the length of time it’s taken me to integrate them (about 9 months!), 2.2 seemed more appropriate…

(Unfortunately, nowadays you don’t get to see new versions of the HIG online until there’s a new release of gnome-devel-docs, and I know I just missed 2.24.0. But hopefully there’ll be another one along soon.)

Of course, this doesn’t address the more fundamental issue that the HIG now lags several years behind the curve of GNOME development. I’d like to think we’ll get around to doing something about that before the year is out.


7 Responses to “HIG 2.2”

  1. Hopefully I’ll get some time soon to work on
    http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=552532 to get nightly documentation snapshot for gnome-user-docs and gnome-devel-docs modules.

    In the meantime I’ll push a snapshot manually to library.gnome.org.

  2. Hikaye says:

    thanks you very much

  3. I see that this is in web-devel-2 (developer.gnome.org) as well as gnome-devel-docs? Which is the definitive version?

    Why can’t we remove it from web-devel-2 and just link to library.gnome.org?

  4. Calum says:

    Library.gnome.org hosts the latest stable version, so that’s what people should normally be referring to.

    The version in web-devel-2 is the latest draft (essentially a copy of the hig-2-3 branch of gnome-devel-docs), which is updated automatically on d.g.o whenever a commit is made. And it also includes some extra stylesheet magic so that the contents of tags show up, which they don’t on l.g.o for obvious reasons.

    As Frederic says, there’s a plan to host nightly doc builds on library.gnome.org, at which point this version can probably go away. But until that’s possible, I like to keep the web-devel-2 version around so that there’s an online version of the latest draft to point people at, which is useful from time to time.

  5. Calum says:

    “And it also includes some extra stylesheet magic so that the contents of tags show up, which they don’t on l.g.o for obvious reasons.”

    Sorry, wordpress ate my tags. That should say “the contents of ‘remark’ tags”….

  6. Bryan says:

    Perhaps we should schedule a night or two (once or twice a month) when we can all get together online and do some work. I have much guilt…