There probably aren’t many better places to have a beer and talk about GNOME, the universe and everything.

EDIT: Bit of a poor show on the communications front though– we knew nothing about the cake until it was finished (and have only just learned from Michael’s blog what it was for), or that we only had a few minutes to get off the boat the first time before it headed out again…

River cruise

A handful of my other photos of the evening on Flickr.

T -1 day

Like many of you, I’m sorting myself out tonight to fly to what will be my seventh GUADEC in Istanbul tomorrow. (I’ll actually be there for two weeks, as my wife is flying out after the conference to join me for a week’s vacation.)

Pleased that there’s a very healthy crowd of Sun desktop folks attending this year (18 at last count), and rumour has it we’ll have some OpenSolaris 2008.05 LiveCDs to be giving away, so you can play along live with John Rice’s talk 🙂 Hopefully I’ll also find a few interesting things to snap with the Lomo Fisheye camera I got for my birthday last month…