A decade at Sun

Well, 9.66 years at Sun, and 0.33 at Oracle… it was the Tuesday after the August 2000 bank holiday when I first ventured into this office, from the B&B that Sun were putting me up in until I found an apartment. Back then, we were working on getting the forthcoming GNOME 1.4 to play nicely on Solaris 8…

Have to say it would be nice if I got to choose the traditional thank-you gift from any leftover Sun stock in one of the countries that hasn’t LEC’ed yet :) But somehow I can’t see that happening…

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3 Responses to “A decade at Sun”

  1. Partha says:

    Congratulations on 9.66 (~10) at Sun. And all the best for many more years to come.

  2. Thanks for all the awesome work you’ve done for GNOME.