“That thing you burned up isn’t important to me.”

Interesting announcement from the LibreOffice project about their online and tablet versions. Those of you who’ve been around as long as me will remember that Sun had the same vision for StarOffice almost from the moment they acquired StarDivision, announcing the StarPortal project for browsers and PDAs somewhere around the end of the last century.

In the end, like all too many Sun projects, it was delayed, then subsumed into the SunONE Webtop project in 2001, and died off before it could gain any traction. Just goes to show that from a business perspective, being a decade ahead of the curve isn’t necessarily much better than being a decade behind it…

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4 Responses to ““That thing you burned up isn’t important to me.””

  1. afanen01 says:

    I sincerely hope that you great gentlemen are not going to push the current interface of libreoffice as a web solution…

  2. calum says:

    I can’t speak for what the LibreOffice guys have in mind… looks like they have a demo video here, which I haven’t watched myself yet.

  3. I’d be surprised if anybody seriously pushed the current GTK web solution anywhere. It’s still very experimental code and I expect it to break regularly when GTK moves ever closer to OpenGL. So there’s a lot of places that need work and maintenance before there’s a stable, end-user friendly LibreOffice in a browser.
    OTOH you could get GIMP and Inkscape in your browser once your done with this task…

  4. Alan Horkan says:

    Vaporware. No disrespect to Tor Lillqvist and his work but the anouncements are stories are blowing it out of all proportion. Porting the code and getting it to compile on tablet platforms is one thing but that is a long long way from something you’d release to users. I do hope it makes good progress though.