Best thing about the GNOME 3.4 Live CD * ?

It will even boot and run gnome-shell in a VirtualBox VM that doesn’t have any Linux guest additions installed.

* Well, apart from the fact it contains GNOME 3.4, of course.

5 Responses to “Best thing about the GNOME 3.4 Live CD * ?”

  1. Andreas Nilsson says:

    I love Ajax!

  2. Aldo Mann says:

    Fully pure GNOME? Downloading! :)

  3. rizwaan says:

    becuase it’s fedora 17 beta based live cd iso without installer. It is fedora 17’s feature of software 3d rendering using llvmpipe.

    cat /etc/*release*

  4. calum says:

    @rizwaan: Yeah, I’d guessed that was the reason, but hadn’t checked. Thanks for the confirmation.

  5. Actual Prep says:

    “calum” you are absolutely right i also thing about this option to Linux guest additions installed. Thanks