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Boosting network for your PC – DNS settings

Do you think your web browser is not so fast as you expected? I decide to write a series of articles to support you speeding up your network. Follow me to tune your settings and get joys surfing the net! This article is written on Linux, especially I am using Ubuntu 9.04, but I will […]

Differences among several kernel signals

Here is the final summary. Today I was fuzzied by the help content of the command ‘timeout’, as its name suggest, it a COMMAND, and kill it if still running after a specified period of time. Because of its termination action, I met something related to signals. Googled and finally make a summary here, that […]

Split .ape files with cue and convert to flac

Split .ape files with cue and convert to flac format is not so difficult. We do it on an Ubuntu box for example: First, install the dependency of shntool, flac, mac, cuetools sudo aptitdue install flac shntool cuetools and download mac package in form of deb or tarball. Run the following command in a terminal: […]

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