Speakers presentations of Bejing Ubuntu 10.10 Release Party

Here are speakers presentations we’ve used on 16th Oct, 2010’s Beijing Ubuntu 10.10 Release Party, and licensed under CC by-nc-sa 3.0. 1. Live USB introduce – 白清杰 [linuxbqj AT gmail DOT com] (Chinese) 2. You in Community – Aron Xu [happyaron AT ubuntu DOT com] (English) 3. How Applications Speak Fluently – Eleanor Chen [chenyueg […]

Convert man page to PDF

It’s fairly easy: $ man -t bash | ps2pdf – bash.pdf “man -t” uses groff -mandoc to format the manual page to stdout. “ps2pdf – bash.pdf” means the input is from stdin and output to bash.pdf. We use a simple pipe to join the stdout of “man” and stdin of “ps2pdf”. That’s it!

Ubuntu Desktop Course Chinese version for Lucid released!

Thanks to the great work done by the team, we can release this desktop course for spreading Ubuntu in Chinese. Here is the project homepage: We have released both HTML and PDF. Also, Docbook format is available.

Simplified Chinese version of Ubuntu Desktop Course

After a period’s work, Ubuntu Desktop Course has been translated to Simplified Chinese, the content has already adapted to 9.10, most of them are ready for 10.04. We are happy to announce this to public and wish this course can help more people who speak Chinese enjoy and share Free Software. HTML view: PDF […]

Differences among several kernel signals

Here is the final summary. Today I was fuzzied by the help content of the command ‘timeout’, as its name suggest, it a COMMAND, and kill it if still running after a specified period of time. Because of its termination action, I met something related to signals. Googled and finally make a summary here, that […]

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