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Linux input method framework brief summary

I am trying to keep this article concise for you to make you have an outline of current condition of Linux (and maybe other platforms like BSDs) input methods. It’s coverage is mostly CJK languages, but I think other languages that use input method would be sure to find there examples in this article. We […]

VM disk performance on btrfs partition

Recently I read Alexandre Rosenfeld’s blog post about low performance of btrfs while placing VM’s disk on it, so I had a try and got almost the same result. I tried to have someone look into the problem, and now get the answer, quoting Bastian Blank : This is a result of the filesystem design, […]

Convert man page to PDF

It’s fairly easy: $ man -t bash | ps2pdf – bash.pdf “man -t” uses groff -mandoc to format the manual page to stdout. “ps2pdf – bash.pdf” means the input is from stdin and output to bash.pdf. We use a simple pipe to join the stdout of “man” and stdin of “ps2pdf”. That’s it!

Work around of file name problem while unzip handling CJK encodings

Unzip 5.x has an option -O to specific the encoding of file names in an ZIP archive, but when 6.0 is arriving with unicode support, that option disappeared as well. CJK users need special cares on support and conversion of obsolete encoding while they are switching to utf-8. Here is my workaround about this problem, […]

My way of choosing email programs

This is just another article about how to get your emails managed in a graceful way. Here is my former way of dealing with them: I choose Gmail as my primary email service provider, and use the online Gmail web page for managing most of the emails – view and move to trash. As for […]

Covert GBK/BIG5 encoded ID3 tag to UTF8

For Chinese Linux users, we may meet many mp3 files with GBK/BIG5 encoded ID3 tags, which are very time consuming to change them to UTF8 one by one. Before using the following solution, please confirm that you won’t use media players on Windows that cannot handle UTF8 encoded ID3 tags correctly, and you won’t use […]

Covert flac to mp3

Some time we have to use mp3 format because our moveable devices commonly don’t support flac/ogg, thus I need to convert a .flac file to mp3. It’s very simple: First of all, install flac and lame package from your distribution’s repository. Then, using the following command to actually covert the file. 1.flac -d filename.flac This […]

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