在 Ubuntu 上换用 OSS4 声音系统

首先介绍下背景,Linux 音频系统非常不完全简史:  1. OSS3 是 Linux 内核中比较老的声音系统,目前已逐渐废弃  2. OSS4 开发的时候是闭源软件,所以 2002 年 ALSA 被用来替代 OSS3 作为 Linux 内核中的声音构架  3. 2007 年的时候 4Front Technologies 发布了 GPL 版本的 OSS4,此时 ALSA 已成气候 关于 ALSA,OSS4,PulseAudio 和 Jack 一知半解版介绍(Esd 等就此省略一万字):  1. ALSA 目前是 Linux 内核上标准的音频框架,但是仅支持 Linux 系统,没有软件混响。对各种设备的支持非常全面。  2. OSS4 由于错过时机而没能成为官方内核的一部分,但是它的跨平台性远好于 ALSA,支持 Windows、BSD 和许多 UNIX,其 API 据说也更适合开发。OSS4 有实时、低延时的特性,支持软件混响,所有操作在内核层实现。但是对 USB 设备的支持明显薄弱许多。  3. […]

Covert GBK/BIG5 encoded ID3 tag to UTF8

For Chinese Linux users, we may meet many mp3 files with GBK/BIG5 encoded ID3 tags, which are very time consuming to change them to UTF8 one by one. Before using the following solution, please confirm that you won’t use media players on Windows that cannot handle UTF8 encoded ID3 tags correctly, and you won’t use […]

Covert flac to mp3

Some time we have to use mp3 format because our moveable devices commonly don’t support flac/ogg, thus I need to convert a .flac file to mp3. It’s very simple: First of all, install flac and lame package from your distribution’s repository. Then, using the following command to actually covert the file. 1.flac -d filename.flac This […]

Split .ape files with cue and convert to flac

Split .ape files with cue and convert to flac format is not so difficult. We do it on an Ubuntu box for example: First, install the dependency of shntool, flac, mac, cuetools sudo aptitdue install flac shntool cuetools and download mac package in form of deb or tarball. Run the following command in a terminal: […]

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